Montessori Learning Cottage

Extra-curricular Activities



Computers are introduced to the children at a very early age.  They are taught basic skills using pre-programmed materials. 

The language is introduced to children 18 months and above.  It is offered as a second language, and instills confidence in children as a result of knowing and using a foreign language.


The children are introduced to the basics of music and as a valuable tool for expression and communication. Each student learns the enjoyment of music as a listener and performer. Rhythm instruments are an integral part of the program. They learn to sing in harmony and get to play different musical instruments.


The children learn to draw, paint (finger and brush), and cut and paste.  Basic skills are also taught throughout the year with seasonal art projects.

Ballet is introduced to children 3 years and above.  Our professional ballet instructor helps further the talent and interest of these young children, both in ballet and tap dancing.  Emphasis is placed on exercise group games and activities.

This exercise program is developed specially for young children of all ages.  It is fun activity which is not only physical but also educational in its approach to daily routines, especially nutrition.

This is taught under the supervision of Master Van Binh who specializes in teaching children of all ages. He is a 9th dan black belt and an excellent teacher.


Swimming lessons are seasonal. The pool is on our premises and is open to children during the summer months and carries on for as long as the weather permits.  It has been specially designed to accommodate young children as its shallow point is 18 inches and deepest point is only 3 feet.